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SHARE Greater Lynchburg Wraps Up National Volunteer Month

Written by Alyssa Wilson, University of Lynchburg Bonner Intern 

Last week, SHARE Greater Lynchburg shared its last round of outstanding volunteers in the month of April. 

Nonprofit organizations continued nominating volunteers through the last couple of weeks of April, so it made for six volunteer highlights! 

Meals on Wheels of Greater Lynchburg’s volunteer coordinator Sarah Kerr nominated Mary Ann Sigler saying, “She delivers meals weekly, delivers Park View supplementary food boxes bimonthly, also takes special holiday deliveries like Santa for a Senior, poinsettias, etc.  She assists recipients with tasks/chores that they cannot do for themselves. Subs all the time to help fill whatever route is needed/hardest to fill.” 

Steve Safritt at The Renaissance Theatre Company is involved in everything from construction of sets to acting in their productions. President Cheryl Carter says, “Steve Safritt is always here to help, jumping in whenever and wherever the need may be, bringing his skills in construction, his creativity, and time to the needs of this community theatre.  He ushers, he builds/moves sets, he acts, he does lighting/sound, and so much more. Steve is a tremendously kind and generous man who is irreplaceable in our hearts and organization.”

Gregg Carswell is a dedicated volunteer at the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Although his branch in his hometown of Charlottesville was full, Carswell was still eager to volunteer so he found his way to a town over in Lynchburg. 

Branch Manager James Quade says, “When asked: Why do you volunteer here at BRAFB and his reply “to be a part of something bigger than himself”. Gregg recognizes that food is one of the most basic things people need. When they do not have it, not only do they suffer food insecurity, but also suffer from insecurity in life. Gregg volunteers at BRAFB because he wants to give back while he has the opportunity and be a part of what BRAFB is doing.  Gregg knows that establishing relationships is key to being part of a good team and Gregg feels very much a part of the Lynchburg team.”

Katherine “Kit” Nichols has been loyal to Kids' Haven: A Center for Grieving Children as a board member over the past few years. Board member Geryln Fortney says, “Kit has been a board member for the past few years at Kids' Haven and has recently stepped up in a tremendous way, assisting us with all things programming! She is taking charge of our group nights as well as our upcoming summer camp. Kit is an organized, kind face of our organization and we would be lost without her! We are extremely grateful of Kit going the extra mile. She is the ultimate volunteer.” 

Jane Rennyson, who volunteers with the Life Skills Institute at Park View Community Mission has not been volunteering at the organization very long, but has jumped in head-first to her responsibilities with excitement. 

Rachel Koester, who works in Donor Relations at Park View says, “Jane is joyfully eager to serve each time she crosses the LSI [Life Skills Institute]  threshold. After learning about LSI she quickly jumped into volunteering and has taken ownership of her important role.  Jane volunteers in various capacities, including maintaining the cleanliness and warmth of the space and becoming a mentor in the GROW mentorship program here at LSI, where she is committed to meeting with her mentees each week.  We are so grateful for Jane and her commitment to serve weekly at LSI!” 

Darrel Wargo has a place in many organizations' hearts in the Greater Lynchburg area, but he is especially close to those at Miller Home of Lynchburg. Senior Intern Katelyn Fitzgerald says, “Darrel is extremely supportive of many organizations in Lynchburg. He is a constant donor and contributor to Miller Home. His weekly grocery donation significantly cuts down our grocery bill.” 

We are grateful to volunteers each and every day. Congratulations to all volunteers who were nominated in the month of April!

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