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Memorial Day Week Feature: National Center for Healthy Veterans

written by Alyssa Wilson, Universiry of Lynchburg Bonner Intern 

The mission of the National Center for Healthy Veterans is to “Return healthy veterans to America”. The Center addresses a multitude of health and wellness issues and provides ways for veterans to participate and benefit from the programs they serve. 

The Center boasts a culture that is immersed in healing and wellness through best-practice and faith-based practices. These practices have created the opportunity for veterans to build a firm foundation that is able to give true life change and success in the future. 

The Center works off of a referral program. Referrals can come from community veteran programs, regional veteran networks, national veteran service support organizations, and a large number of faith-based nonprofits that focus on military outreach. 

Veterans or Patriots are paired with a mentor that helps them to progress through their own Personal Development Plan that meets their individual needs and goals. This plan is curated around five dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and relational. In addition to this it tracks things like trauma recovery and life skills. 

The National Center for Healthy Veterans puts immense care into their Patriots and work with them to learn and grow in many areas. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and NCHV’s mission here. 

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