National Center for Healthy Veterans (NCHV)

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Bob Dees, Major General U.S. Army, Retired
Main Address

980 Wards Road
Altavista, VA 24517
United States

What We Do
Our purpose is to “Return Healthy Veterans to America.” We address health in terms of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and relational wellness. The National Center for Healthy Veterans (NCHV) distinctive is that longer-term participation in dignified work and learning opportunities creates a firm foundation that enables true life change and future success. Our Patriots are immersed in a healing and wellness culture, grow through best-practice/faith-based programs, and create relationships through community. Serving veterans in the Greater Lynchburg area and from across the nation! We operate primarily on a referral basis. These referrals come from community veteran programs, regional veteran networks, national veteran service support organizations, and a large number of faith-based military outreach nonprofits. Every Patriot will have a mentor and will progress through their own Personal Development Plan (PDP) in accordance with their specific needs and goals. The PDP tracks status and progress across 5 categories: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Relational (PMSER). As well, the PDP tracks progress in specific trauma recovery, life skills curricula, and professional development programs. The Patriot will complete the Resilience God Style Curriculum (12 weeks), REBOOT Combat Recovery programs for Veterans and First Responders (video), and Career Prep (IVET Curriculum, et al). PDP elective courses may include equine-assisted therapy, life skills, financial literacy, effective communication, conflict resolution, diet and nutrition, sleep management, art therapy, marriage and family and trauma recovery.
Interesting Info
  • We recognize the inherent and unique value of veterans to serve, contribute, and lead -- they are truly a National Treasure.
  • The NCHV is an integrated solution of proven best practices to help Veterans get “unstuck” and achieve their full God-given potential.
  • A key NCHV objective is to reduce Veteran suicide through the holistic healing environment and sense of community which we will uniquely offer.
Volunteer Opportunities

Cook and serve meals at Valor Farm
Repeats weekly at 11:00am until Thursday, June 1st, 2023
Flexible Timing

Volunteer Days at Valor Farm - 1st Saturday!
Repeats monthly on the 4th at 8:00am until Thursday, June 1st, 2023
Duration of 4 hours

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