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Volunteers Make World Help's Mission a Reality

written by Alyssa Wilson, University of Lynchburg Bonner Intern 

For 32 years, World Help has been serving countries around the globe from right here in Lynchburg, Virginia, as a humanitarian aid organization sending lifesaving supplies to over 20 nations annually. 


World Help sends over 80 containers a year of lifesaving aid. The main mission of the organization is “to bring help and hope” by meeting physical needs and shipping supplies such as clothing, hygiene items, mattresses, food, medical supplies and more. 


In addition to shipping humanitarian aid, World Help supports programs such as child sponsorship and refugee relief. Right now the organization is leading an initiative where a $35 donation can send a refugee a week’s worth of supplies. 


The organization also helps to implement water projects so that communities can have access to clean water without traveling miles. To date, World Help has been able to provide clean drinking water to around 960 communities around the globe. 


None of this work would be possible without the generous support of volunteers who take part in the warehouse processing of supplies. Processing supplies is boots-on-the-ground work where volunteers sort through and organize items so it is easier for World Help partners to engage with those they serve instead of rifling through boxes. 


World Help has regular shifts available throughout the week and offers group volunteer events that can be scheduled on weeknights and/or weekends. 


In addition to volunteering, the organization welcomes monetary donations as well as physical donations such as hygiene products and school supplies.


If you’re interested in the mission of World Help and want to take part in bringing Help and Hope to people around the globe, visit their SHARE Greater Lynchburg profile. 



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