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The Listening, Inc.: A Conversation with Angelina Randolph


We sat down with Angelina Randolph, the Co-Executive Director of Operations and Outreach for The Listening, Inc. The mission of The Listening, Inc. is to engage, change, and save lives through the performing arts through community engagement and youth programming.

An upcoming offering is the Young, Lit and Free program, in partnership with the Academy Center of the Arts. Young, Lit and Free is a weekly class beginning February 15 based on the GET LIT curriculum. It will take place once a week, after school at the Academy. Students 11-18 years of age will have the opportunity to perform their material at monthly open mics which will take place on the last Fridays of the month. 

SHARE) Tell me about yourself (background, interests, position, etc.)
Angelina) I am a poet, self-published author, mother of two happy beautiful boys. 

SHARE) What inspires you to do work with the Listening?
Angelina) The mere fact of impact over performance. I enjoy art because of performance, but mostly because of the difference it makes in the lives of people who make art and consume art. It’s a great way to help heal, find and establish self love, understand one another through critical life moments. I feel like The  Listening holds space for those who choose impact through art. 

SHARE) Tell me about a memory that has greatly impacted you during your time working with your organization.
Angelina) Before I because a part of The Leadership for The Listening, I had a company called “Poetic Truth”, where our mission was to invoke and promote art through the essence of truth. We were sponsors for a signature session featuring the one, and only, Jasmine Manns. She is an amazing poet/author/activist. This was about 5 years ago. To see someone I admire, share space and break bread with her, I will always remember that. 

SHARE) What events or special things are on the horizon for your organization?
Angelina) Getting to know our community on a deeper level. Getting into the roots of our area, finding where we can follow and help grow. Many things around education as well as social activism and what that looks like for us locally. 

SHARE) Is there anything else you would like to add or mention that I didn't ask?
Angelina) Continue to support TLI through donations and please come to the events. Money is needed, however, we love community and support. 

To learn how you can support The Listening, Inc., visit  Volunteer Opportunities include Marketing and Communications Director, Photographer, Blog Writer, Community Engagement Partner, Social Media Intern and Grant Writer.

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