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Feature: Lynchburg Peacemakers End of Summer Cook-Off & Fundraiser Expo


Written by Carrie Eobbi, Liberty University Intern 

As July is coming to a close, we are thrilled to support our local anti-violence nonprofit and the newest member of the SHARE community, Peacemakers, Inc. The Lynchburg Peacemakers are holding an End of Summer Cook-Off Fundraiser Expo on July 29th at Point of Honor

Peacemakers, INC. was founded in Roanoke, VA in 2016 & has expanded to our local Lynchburg area this year “with the intention of ceasing violence in residential neighborhoods and community areas.” The nonprofit’s mission is to form relationships with leaders and other nonprofits “to allow the free flow of information to the hands of individuals who are choosing paths of violence.” 

This Expo will be held from 3 P.M. - 7 P.M. outside in the shade at Point of Honor. Everyone is invited to bring their own chairs & blankets as well as cash for entry, vendors, & raffles. Entry is $10 for children under 10 & $15 for adults. This price includes music, spoken-word, & an All-you-can-eat-menu from Chef KB.

On Tuesday’s episode of “TheMIKEShow”, we talked with Chef KB who will be performing a cooking demonstration at the Expo using locally sourced ingredients. This demo will explain “what a chef does” and how you can use different ingredients at home in ways you never thought you could.

We were also able to speak with Event Coordinator, Sarah Blankenship, who stated “We are inviting every Lynchburg Neighbor from every Lynchburg zip code.” 

Q: What can the community expect when entering and attending your End of Summer Expo?

A:  At the Expo you can expect an all-you-can eat menu from 4-6pm by Chef KB. We also have music headliner ToNY CaMM & The FUNK AllStars as well as a local Lynchburg lineup of talent of spoken word, poetry, hip hop, country, christian rap, funk, and more! The Foam Party Guy, Jack Crandall, will be there as well as the Lynchburg Fire Department, and Three Roads Brewery-Burg, Biergarten. There will be hundreds of dollars to win in prizes for raffles, live painting, guest speakers, and the Commonwealth’s Attorney. 

Q: What are your goals for this event and as well as for Lynchburg Peacemakers in years to come?

A: “Celebrate all that our great city has to offer while bringing everyone together for one day of connection and peace. Harmony and unity begin with knowledge and there will be plenty available. Nonprofits, not for profits, for profits, houses of worship, small businesses, artisans, crafters, food trucks, government organizations, schools, and other anchoring institutions will gather together to provide information about networking opportunities, jobs, resources, scholarships, and so much more!”

Q: Why is it so important for the Lynchburg area to know about resources like Peacemakers, Inc.?

A: “There is no other nonprofit in the area tackling violence like the Lynchburg Peacemakers. Trained in conflict resolution, basic self-defense, first-aid, and CPR, members target streets that are plagued with violent crime and work on making relationships with the neighbors that live within those areas to form bonds and find out how to meet the social needs of the individuals in order to lead them away from paths of violence. Neighborhood watches have been a part of their Safe Street Initiative, formed after security cameras are freely installed on blocks where violent crime has occurred, with willing participation. The bonds between our law enforcement and our community are being mended and all of the people in every Lynchburg zip code are getting the attention they deserve when tragedy strikes. Lynchburg Peacemakers are working hard to ensure that there are less and less tragedies in our area.”

Q: Since expanding to the Lynchburg area, how have you seen a response from the community about the importance of Peacemakers impact?

A: Lynchburg has been very acceptive of Lynchburg Peacemaker initiatives and actions! Supporting them in multiple capacities, especially while they search for a headquarters in this incredible city, Lynchburg Peacemakers are incredibly thankful to the partnerships they have struck and friends they have made since expanding to the area in April of 2023. The End of Summer Cook Off & Fundraising Expo hopes to promote awareness in our city, while supporting the nonprofit’s operating costs, helping to place them into a forever home in Lynchburg, and also as a means to purchase company transportation.

To learn more about Peacemakers, Inc. as well as upcoming events, visit their page on SHARE Greater Lynchburg.

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