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Region 2000 KidWind Challenge for grades 6-8 March 24 at Randolph College's SciFest

Let’s Catch the Wind!


Kidwind Challenge Planning for 2023-2024   Region 2000 Challenge sponsored by the Future Focus Foundation in partnership with Randolph College’s SciFest 2024 and JMU’s  Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy (CASE)

Overview - This is the first year the KidWind challenge is in our region! We are excited to have this opportunity available for students.  Teachers or Parents can be a coach for teams of 2-6 students. Our Region 2000 Challenge will host up to 25 teams Grades 6-8 on March 24, 2024 at Randolph College. There is a limit of 3  teams per school (public or private). We will have cash awards in various categories and nominate up to two teams to compete in the JMU state challenge on April 6th. (Please note: Since this is our first year, we are focusing on grades 6-8 teams but anticipate adding grade 5 next year) There is no charge to register a team. The key is to register now so you will have access to resources and help us plan our regional challenge.  Questions? Email Cheryl Lindeman, futurefocusfoundation@gmail.com 

  • Goals of  KidWind ~ Explore Renewable Wind Energy through JMU's Center for the Advancement of  Sustainable Energy (CASE) They are the  Virginia KidWind organizers.
  • How to start a team with a coach (teacher or parent) 2-6 members (see below)
  • When to register your team  (January to March 1st)
  • Design ~ Build ~ Test & enter the Challenge!Teachers - first-year coach scholarship details and application link form JMU https://forms.gle/NcgGTmdH6Ctr9dxQ9

Where can you find Kid supplies?

1.  JMU has a limited number of kits available -- Request ASAP  Kit request link: https://forms.gle/v3QmcUj49v5K1SkC
2. Future Focus Foundation has grant funds available: Complete the Interest Google Form to indicate your interest using this KidWind form link. 

Here is the dashboard for JMU’s KidWind Challenge to give you an idea about the layout along with the guidelines. 


What is the rubric for the KidWind Challenge?

KidWind Rubric link

Event Setting
Offsite Location

Randolph College Campus - Houston Memorial Chapel
2500 Rivermont Ave.
Lynchburg, VA 24503
United States

Sunday, March 24th, 2024, 10am - 3:30pm
Duration of 5 hours 30 minutes