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Executive Director Blog Series No. 3: Academy Center of the Arts

Written by    on May 3, 2022    in

“Sustainable leadership isn’t about having full control of your organization. There is strength and utility in strategically letting go.” 

In my first post, I mentioned that my sabbatical was not a vacation. An effective sabbatical at its core has goals that are primarily focused on the institution and not the individual. It is not that the executive’s well-being isn’t a consideration, but their well-being ties back to the organization’s health. So, I am not deciding on the goals of my sabbatical. Instead, the organization is. 

We hired Ryan Ripperton, a consultant out of Richmond to lead this process. The process started as a reworking of our organizational chart, intending to help us create a healthier workflow. 

Simply, the Academy’s goals with my executive sabbatical are the following: 


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