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SHARE Greater Lynchburg Recognizes More Outstanding Volunteers

Written by    on April 28, 2022    in

Written by Alyssa Wilson, University of Lynchburg Bonner Intern 

National Volunteer Month is coming to a close and SHARE Greater Lynchburg is happy that so many volunteers have received the love and recognition they deserve. 

During the last week of the month, we wanted to share some final highlights that organizations have shared about their outstanding volunteers!

SHARE Greater Lynchburg is partnered with many organizations in the area, one of which is the Junior League of Lynchburg, where Hope Moffa has been serving for the past six years. 

SHARE Greater Lynchburg Celebrates Local Volunteers

Written by    on April 19, 2022    in

At the beginning of April, SHARE Greater Lynchburg kicked off our campaign for National Volunteer Month. We have been spotlighting outstanding volunteers on our social media, giving them the opportunity to earn a Downtown Lynchburg gift card to be used at dozens of restaurant and retail establishments.

Volunteers do so much with our 140 nonprofit partners and April has provided the opportunity for organizations to show their appreciation and support for the fantastic people who donate their time. It is so important to recognize their hard work and SHARE Greater Lynchburg’s partners have certainly done that.