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Executive Director Blog Series No. 2: Academy Center of the Arts

Written by    on March 29, 2022    in

A sabbatical is built around trust, and trust starts with granting your chief executive a multi-year contract. 

The first question I am going to ask our readers: if you are a nonprofit executive, do you have a multi-year employment contract? Not just an employment agreement, but a multi-year contract? 

The next question I will ask is this: if you are a board member of a nonprofit, why are you not providing your executive with a multi-year contract? If you are an executive, why aren’t you asking for one?

Commitment can be hard. But, commitment is also critical in building a culture of trust. 

Executive Director Blog Series No.1: Academy Center of the Arts

Written by    on March 1, 2022    in
I am going on a sabbatical. 

Yes, I am fine and no, it's not a vacation. 

I have always been an anxious person. Sometimes, anxiety is a superpower. Sometimes, it is a disability.

At the end of January 2020, when I started to prepare the organization for a possible pandemic, my anxiety was a superpower. COVID had a way of amplifying so much of what was already going on in our world and as a result, my anxiety was no different. People thought I was overreacting during this time, but there were decisions we made then that would lead to our survival later. 


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